Monday, June 25, 2007

7 Questions No One Can Answer

By Michael Hanlon
Author of 10 Questions Science Can't Answer (Yet)

Put yourself in the shoes of our ancestors, 3,000 years ago, and look around you. Raise your eyes towards that big, bright disc in the sky which goes up and down, once a day.

What is it, what causes it to shine? No idea. No idea what goes on inside the body, either.

Our forebears' ignorance was profound. Today, of course, we know what the sun is, and exactly how our bodies work. Science seems to have answered all the big questions.

And yet, maybe we shouldn't be so cocky. For just as we have solved a hundred riddles about the natural world, so a thousand more have come to take their place.

That is why, in a new book, I argue that though many scientists think we are on the verge of knowing everything, they are wrong.

Here are some of the most intriguing questions science has not yet answered or, in some cases, even really addressed.


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