Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Top 20 Most Amazing Coincidences

Thanks to OddWeek.com, here are some very strange tales of unusual coincidences.

  • A falling baby, saved two times by the same man
  • The curse of James Dean's car
  • A bullet that reached its destiny years later
  • Twin Boys, twin lives
  • Just like Edgar Allan Poe's book
  • Twin brothers, killed in along the same road, two hours apart
  • Three suicide attempts, all stopped by the same Monk
  • Poker winnings, to the unsuspected son
  • A novel that unsuspectedly described the spy next door
  • Mark Twain and the Halley's Comet
  • Three strangers on a Train, with complementary last names
  • Two brothers killed by the same taxi driver, one year apart
  • Swapped Hotel Finds
  • Two Mr. Bryson, on the same room
  • Twins brothers, same heart attack
  • A novel that predicted the Titanic's destiny, and another ship that almost followed
  • A writer, found the book of ther childhood
  • A writer's plum pudding
  • King Umberto I' double
  • The 21, a bad day for King Louis XVI

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