Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Change the Past by Altering your Perception of it

By Enoch Tan,
Author of Manifestation Keys

You can literally change the past by altering your perception of it. The past has no effect except by its influence on the present. By changing the past that exist in your consciousness, you alter its connection to the present reality.

Time does not exist, it is an illusion, so by “going back” in what we call “time” and changing your thoughts, you will influence what you are experiencing in the Now. Your present reality is literally influenced by your thoughts of the past.

We can change our past by altering our memory of it. When we change the way we think about what happened, we tap into an alternate past timeline where the way we imagine it to be really did happen that way.

The alternate past timeline leads to certain things that would have happened in our alternate present reality. Therefore this reality manipulation with consciousness would result in synchronicities occurring in the present or near future of our actual timeline, as it merges with an alternate one.

By changing the way you perceive the past, you will also change the way others perceive the past. Your change in consciousness will also result in a change in their consciousness. Your merger of an alternate reality will cause a merger in their reality. Something may have happened in the past which you perceived in a negative way. But if you choose now to perceive what happened in a positive way or to perceive what’s positive in it, other people’s perception of it will also be changed in the present.


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