Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do Animals Have Telepathy?

A cat disappears when her owners go on vacation each year, yet arrives back at the house right before they return.

A man sits on the couch, his dog alseep in the next room. He thinks, "I should take Daisy for a walk," and suddenly his dog comes bounding in the room, leash in mouth.

A cat curls up next to the phone just before a family member calls, but never when anyone else is about to call. These stories are told by many pet owners from all over the world.

Most dogs and cats are attuned to their owners and learn their patterns, read their body language and anticipate what's going to happen next.

But there are so many stories of pets seeming to know more than their natural senses would allow that it has been the subject of study and debate for years. Are their natural senses even greater than we ever imagined? Or do they have a sixth sense?


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