Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Physiology of Intuition

By Dr. Laurie Nadel
Author of Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your Ultimate Mind Power

Do you find yourself losing concentration during certain times of the day? Perhaps it comes as a sudden touch of fatigue, or a subtle mental fuzziness. All of a sudden, you feel droopy. Your eyes may tear. You can't stop yawning, or you sigh.

Maybe you find yourself staring out the window, your mind faraway from the tasks at hand. If somebody speaks to you, you find yourself startled by the sound of his voice. Or you don't understand what was said the first time and ask the speaker to repeat himself.

These are signs that your body is entering an ultradian rest response. If you observe yourself carefully during the day, you will find that this pattern recurs approximately every hour and a half. Noticing this pattern can help you tap into your intuition during the times when your physiology is naturally attuned to it.

During those periods when you lose concentration or get tired, the four main regulatory systems that link mind and body realign.


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