Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Women Turn to Hypnosis to Get Pregnant

By Dennis Douda
Source: WCCO.com

Hypnosis is used for all kinds of things, including quitting smoking, losing weight and even limiting labor pain in the delivery room, but now some women swear the mind-over-matter technique is helping them get pregnant.

Amber Olson is a busy working mother with another baby on the way. Before her second son, Liam, was born, she had three and a half years of infertility and doctors could not find a physical reason.

Olson tried fertility treatments with no success.

"It was really heartbreaking," she said.

Olson then turned to fertility hypnosis, a new complementary therapy that is gaining popularity.

With a soothing voice and positive words, Olson said her hypnotherapist guided her to a relaxing, stress-free world.

"I felt excellent," Olson said.

After only two sessions, Olson was pregnant.


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