Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is Intelligence Necessary to Succeed?

By Boris Vene

It is often felt that, above everything else, success is hindered by a lack of intelligence.

But which person has the better chance of succeeding? The one with above average intelligence who is burdened with doubts and tries to tackle matters with hesitation - or the one with average intelligence who has a positive focus and is a "person of action?"

More than intelligence itself, your thoughts and patterns of thought are the decisive elements that guide your intelligence and lead to your success!

Research conducted in the United States shows that a "positive mind-set," rather than intelligence, is the most essential element of success. Similar research at Harvard shows that students credited 85% of what they achieved to their mind-set and only 15% to their abilities, skills and innate talent.

Dr. Staples also wrote, in Think as a Winner, that Allan Cox, researching the leading men of the Fortune 500 companies in 1982, discovered that 94% of them believed that their success was a direct result of their mind-set.


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