Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meet the Future You

By Stuart Goldsmith,
Creator of The Midas Method

Imagine walking into a room and meeting the 'you' of ten years
from now. What will you be wearing? Where will you be living? What will your lifestyle be like? What car will you be driving? Will you be running a business? If so, how successful will you be? What will your net worth be?

You really only have three choices here about how the ‘you of the
future’ will look, and this is where the power of this exercise lies:

1. Somewhere in between how you are now, and a depressed, broke
and scruffy tramp.

2. An exact clone of how you are now - absolutely nothing has
changed in a decade.

3. A happier, wealthier, healthier version of the ‘you of today.’

Only a suicidal depressive would visualize number one. Number two
is effectively saying that nothing will change; you will not grow over the next ten years, you will not get richer, happier, wiser, healthier - anything. The 'you of tomorrow' will be indistinguishable from the 'you of today.'

So that just leaves number three, and if you selected this it
remains for you to back this glittering vision of the 'future you' with all the force of your imagination.

Having imagined how you will be in the next ten years, here is a
really neat trick to help you achieve it.


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