Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Fish That Gets You High and Gives You Horrible Nightmares

People love good food and getting high. From mushroom tea to weed brownies, whipping up a special dish containing mind-altering ingredients is an age-old tradition. For some who live off the Indian Ocean, their drug of choice is served up as a nice bowl of curry fish stew.

On the most recent episode of VICELAND's Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, we met Jean Pascal Quod, an esteemed marine biologist who specializes in studying neurotoxins found in tropical fish. Quod spends much of his time researching the unique marine life found on RĂ©union Island.

Located in the Indian Ocean in Africa, RĂ©union is home to various fish containing mysterious psychoactive substances that locals consume to get high, hallucinate, and have intense dreams—or nightmares. However, not much is known about these "dream fish," which have only been found in the Indian Ocean and possibly the Mediterranean Sea, but not documented in similar climates like the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean.

We called Quod to find out more about these perplexing fish and what curious diners should know before digging in themselves.

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