Sunday, July 24, 2016

Famous Actor Guided By Mysterious Force...

By Matthew Norman
Vibrational Manifestion

Sir Anthony Hopkins is no doubt one of the greatest actors to ever grace the silver screen.

But did you know that the universe may have had a hand in his wildly successful career?

It's something called "vibrational guidance"...

Which not a lot of people are even aware of.

Back in 1974, Hopkins was set to star in a film called "The Girl from Petrovka," based on a book by author George Feifer.

Not long after he'd signed on, Hopkins went to London in search of a copy of the book.

Yet after going through several bookshops, he couldn't find a single copy.

Frustrated, the actor entered Leicester Square to board a train home.

That was when he spotted an open package on a nearby bench.

Though he was wary of it, something spurred him to look inside.

Some call it intuition.

But it's really a fundamental science...

Specifically, the science of vibration.

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