Monday, October 12, 2015

How to Stop Thinking

Learning to stop thinking so much is probably the greatest single step we can take to increase inner peace and happiness in our lives.

Worrying about the future, regretting the past, obsessing over what could or should have been, criticizing ourselves and others, blaming the world for our woes – these are some of the habitual thinking patterns we can become unconsciously lost in for hours, days or even years. 

I say unconscious because much of our thinking happens on autopilot as a deeply ingrained habit. Thinking is going on with little or no awareness that it is happening.

Rather than being a wonderful tool to be picked up and used when needed, the mind is more like an out of control Frankenstein monster with a life of its own. 

So, how to stop thinking so much? How to free ourselves from the torment of addictive thinking?

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