Saturday, September 10, 2016

Camp, Travel and Live Forever Anywhere on $20 a Day

Vanabode details new ways to camp forever in any exotic destination and live anywhere at the least possible cost. 

Vanabode dispels the myth that the American dream is home ownership, instead proving that what people really crave is time and freedom. 

Las Vegas resident author Jason Odom offers a complete plan for safe, adventurous travel throughout the United States that addresses everything from where to go and where to stay to how to cook without fire, fuel or electricity.

Those that dream of getting way from it all and taking a year long road trip may find this book the final answer on how to do it. Vanabode offers detailed instructions on how to have all of your life's needs met comfortably and safely on a micro budget. For those without savings the book also provides extensive information on how to pay for it all. 

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