Monday, May 11, 2015

Free Report - 3 Ancient Secrets to Wealth

There's a controversial theory going around that rich people are rich because they were born with
"rich genes."
Many people believed this to be true...
Until They Discovered This Truth About Wealth
And it's all disclosed in this brand new report "3 Ancient Keys To Wealth".
Here's the good news.
Last year, Australian newspaper The Herald Sun reported alleged findings of a study that linked wealth and genetics...
Quoting the country's top policy research report:
"Rich kids do better at school while poor children struggle due to genetic 'inherited abilities.'"
Does that mean someone who doesn't have these "rich genes" is doomed to be poor all their lives?
Personally, I don't think so.
I do believe that the very wealthy...
The top 1 percent of the world...
Does have something that the average Joe doesn't.
And it has nothing to do with genetics.

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