Wednesday, September 05, 2012

MindTrip Magazine Now Available for iPad!

After many months of hard work we are thrilled to announce that the first issue of MindTrip Magazine has been released and is now available for the iPad at the iTunes Store. Click here to check it out…

The content of MindTrip Magazine will be somewhat of a monthly "Best Of..." version of and (with a few added features), but this digital magazine has a much more beautiful look and layout than the websites so -- hopefully -- your reading experience on the iPad will be much more enjoyable.

The subscription price for the magazine is only $1.99 per issue right now, but even if you do not wish to pay anything please download the free app anyway because we will be releasing a free sample issue in the future that you will receive instantly if you have the free app on your iPad.

Unfortunately, this digital magazine is only available in iPad format... we will try to establish other formats in the future but iPad will have to do for now. Please check it out by clicking on the cover image below.

MindTrip Magazine: Freedom. Happiness. Weirdness.

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