Saturday, November 03, 2012

Are Alien Abductions Merely Lucid Dreams?

Source: Digital Journal

Researchers at the Out-of-Body Experience Research Center (OOBE Research Center) at UCLA , say they have evidence that claims of close encounter with UFOs and extraterrestrials result from vivid or lucid dreams.

Lead researcher Michael Raduga, of the OOBE Research Center, in the study involving 20 volunteers which began on October 7, 2011, designed a method for coaching people how to have lucid dreams involving apparently real encounters with aliens. The subjects were coached on how to induce out-of-body encounters by mentally performing a series of exercises.

The researchers found it was not difficult to induce typical alien abduction reports after only a few days (3 days) of training the subjects. Using the exercises they had designed, the researchers found they could teach subjects how to have close encounters with aliens.

Lead researcher Michael Raduga, whose research design is based on the theory that reports of alien encounters come from very realistic dream experiences, reasons that successfully coaching people how to have realistic dream experiences of alien encounter provide strong evidence in support of the theory that alien encounters are mostly lucid dream experiences, that is, the product of people's imaginations.


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