Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do You Have Free Will? Computer Says No

Your subconscious makes decisions for you up to 6 seconds before you "think" you do. In fact, a scientist watching an MRI of your brain can tell you what choice your going to make 6 seconds before you consciously make the choice:

Watch the video of this experiment here...

So what does this say about our free will?

Well, it means that perhaps who we are is dictated less by the choices we make, and more by the information we take in.

If we think of your brain like a computer, imagine what would happen if we opened up every program at once and overloaded it with more functions than it could possibly process at one time. It would slow down and probably crash.

This is sort of in a way like your conscious mind, you can work with information, recall it, anylize it, and reason in your consciousness, but your attention span is only so limited, as is your ability to process too much information at one time. You might be able to handle 1 game of chess, but you probably can not play 800 games of chess at the same time, its just too much information to focus your attention on.


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