Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life's Top 5 Illusions

By Barry Goss,
Creator of The Manifestation Portal

WARNING: These new paradigms may well be somewhat controversial, or even, dare I say it, shocking to your system of thought; but I did not invent these visionary views of life. But, only through intense gut-level questioning and critical-thinking, come to understand that it is the knowledge and brief understanding of these that will either cause you to throw-up or wave on the unpalatable taste of more good medicine. You’ll either be moved to ‘consume’ something sweet, easy, mundane and valueless, like a newspaper, magazine, or cheap novel or you’ll continue to take the good medicine knowing that your mind viruses will eventually cure themselves from the insideout.

Illusion #1: God is a personality

God is a personality - an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits "up there" watching our every move.

My New Paradigm: Like the electrical source from an outlet, God is formless, infinite, nonlinear, as well as unperceivable. God is that First Force that expressed Itself as and through you, as and through me, as and through All Things everywhere.


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