Tuesday, November 17, 2020

10 Musicians Who Sold Their Soul To Satan

Satan Rock

Learning to play a musical instrument takes hard work. Practice, and patience, and more practice. And that can be such a drag.

The devil is believed to be very fond of music, which is not surprising. After all, he does have all the best tunes. Lucifer is said to have a special affinity to stringed instruments, particularly violins and guitars. In exchange for just one soul, any condition, the Prince of Darkness can teach you how to really play that guitar. He can make you a star.

You might think that no one would take him up on this offer, but we have found at least 10 musicians who, allegedly, thought that this was a great deal. So, why not take it easy on yourself and trade that soul in today. Who has time for scales anyway? Trombonists need not apply.

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