Saturday, February 03, 2018

7 Mind Bending Books That Will Radically Shift The Way You See The World

MindTrip Magazine
I’m often asked what my favorite books are — which ones impacted me the most and which ones I would recommend. 

And sure, I do have a list of personal growth books at the top of my head that shaped my view of the world.

But beyond the personal growth field, there are a several of books in science, sociology, and philosophy that have had an equally profound impact on me.

And today, I just wanted to share my top seven books in these fields that will help you better understand our role on this giant space-rock we call earth.

The books won’t just blow your mind – they will expand your mind to whole new levels and make you see the world in a very different way from politics, to ecology, to sex and religion.

Enjoy this list. I loved and enjoyed every single one of these books.

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